Nov 23, 2010

Wannabe ballerina

For as long as I can remember I dreamt of becoming a ballerina. Although that dream didn't exactly come true, I still embrace this part through wardrobe selection every now and then.

You can imagine my happiness to discover (as a result of Sex & the City) that tutus were actually considered stylish (up to which point, they seemed rather silly).

This has the consequence that every time I see a dress or skirt with something that resembles a "tutu quality", I'm reluctant to not buy it. But still, it took me quite a time and actual effort to find the (in my opinion) perfect skirt.

I bought a dress in bikbok (both in black and white):

In order to be able to pair it with other tops and t-shirts I cut the halters off the dress, and sewed it such that it looked like this:



  1. Ég er líka wannabe ballerína - hahah..
    En gaman að vera í top 10 uppáhalds bloggunum þínum, takk fyrir!
    La vita é bella er hér með komið í netrúntinn minn, frábært =)

  2. Haha frábært, mikið er ég fegin að það eru fleiri!
    Gaman að heyra, þá er eins gott að standa sig :)