Nov 17, 2010

Green juice

This summer I tried raw food for the first time, and I wish I had the time and skills to prepare the dishes that Gló (Iceland) has to offer. But every now and then I try to make use of our juicer, and a favorite recipe is:

2 carrots
1 orange
1 lemon
a piece of ginger
3 apples

What mom taught me is to bake crackers (hrökkbrauð) from the rests, that is what is left from the fruits and vegetables after the juice is extracted. You just add some seeds (flax seeds - hörfræ, sunflower seeds - sólblómafræ and pumpkin seeds - graskerafræ), mix and bake for 30 minutes, 180°C.
Delicious, healthy and budget friendly :)

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