Jan 7, 2011

Mirror, mirror

I have many, many ideas about our future home
(including the shared dream of Carrie's walk in closet).

But there is one thing that I have always dreamt of having.
A beautiful, white (preferably antique) dressing table.

{Source: ikea.dk}

I've been browsing through auctions and online sales for the perfect one, but haven't found it yet. Ikea produces an acceptable one, although I would prefer more details as well as some additional drawers. Ok lets be honest, lots of drawers. And some light wouldn't harm either.

I think this one will end up being custom made, which sadly won't be until in the far future.
But one can dream.


  1. ótrúlega skemmtilegt bloggið þitt!
    ég ætla að lesa langt aftur við tækifæri ;)

  2. Æ takk fyrir :) Og sömuleiðis!

  3. Vá, þetta er nú fallegt.
    Skemmtilegt bloggið þitt :)

  4. Takk takk takk! :) Og aftur sömuleiðis!