Feb 22, 2011

New shoes

When I find things I like, I love to be able to buy multible colours.
I couldn´t make up my mind which pair of these Bertie shoes to buy
...so I got both.
source: bertie on asos.com
The heel is a bit higher than shown in the picture, but they´re very comfy and will be of great use while strutting between stores in Copenhagen next weekend.
Do we likey?


  1. Big like! Obviously under influence from SATC ; )

  2. ótrúlega fallegir!! :) voru þeir ekki dýrir?

  3. Ha ha, Heida thú ert yndi. Var akkurat ad horfa á D&G tháttinn kvøldid ádur, og er med likey á heilanum :-)

    Jei, gaman ad thad finnist thad fleirum. Nei alls ekki, their voru á útsølu á asos. Fékk thá á c.a. 550 dkk parid(eda um 11.000) :-)