Mar 6, 2011


When out and about with the girls the other day, the talk came to "paraben". One of my friends is studying to be a nurse, and informed us about the hazards of many of the ingredients of our make-up and skin care.

I encourage you to visit this website, forbrugerrådet in Denmark, where you can see the hazard levels of your make-up and skin care. And if you don't find your product there, you can compare this list to the ingredients of your product. How very sad I am that all of the following products are to be substituted from my bathroom closet in the coming year:
Blue Lagoon (!?!?)


  1. I must say that I was very surprised to see the Blue Lagoon products on this website and then just sad to see my beloved MAC there, but no shock there..

  2. Exactly! But time for treasure hunting in the organic stores, additions to the bathroom closet are always pleasant :-) (kv. pollýanna)

  3. I know about an amazing cosmetic brand - which your absol gonna fall in love with !!! Its called: Bare minirals ... Its an ecological brand - gives you such a natural look by following few steps of the cosmetic package !! You should defo check it out !! Dont thibk you can get it ib DK but kniw you can in the UK !! :o)

  4. Úúú - tékka á því Alexandra mín :-) Knús