Apr 21, 2011

Spring essentials from H&M

No dresses this time. Only thing that will actually be practical in the coming weeks:

Sandals for the beach. So very comfortable.

Sunglasses, because I can't be trusted with RayBans (yet) - in emergencies I can borrow my boyfriend's.

Ballerinas, when strutting around the town. I tried, but I couldn't justify more expensive flats for the summer, because they tend to be used a lot and thereby don't last very long.

Hat, only for the beach. I think people would stare if I wore it anywhere else. It's kind of like the ones only women of royalty wear. I was actually looking for a hat like this, that ables me to read on a sunny day on the beach.


  1. Ég hlakka til að sjá þig á ströndinni með ofur-fína hattinn... nú, eða í næsta royal wedding ; ) Hvaðan eru ballerinas aftur?

  2. Haha nákvæmlega :-) Þeir eru líka frá h&m. Knús,