May 18, 2011

Exchange + Selling a couple of items

Remember this recent purchase? Well, yesterday I exchanged it for this one.

The reason is that I felt a little bit too much like a dentist or doctor in the other one. And although most of the dentists, I know are very good looking, even when wearing their work wardrobe, it just didn't fit me.

P.s. I have a couple of blazers from h&m, never worn, that I want to sell:
  • one short, striped (black and white) - bought for 200 dkk, selling it for 100 dkk
  • one camel colored, boyfriend fit - bought for 350 dkk, selling it for 200 dkk - SOLD!
Send me a message to if interested.

P.p.s. Ef þú ert á Íslandi, þá geturu sparað sendingarkostnaðinn ef þú sendir mér skilaboð fyrir kvöldið í kvöld.

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