May 21, 2011

My study routine

Many of my favorite bloggers are students, and so are many of the readers. With my exam season starting, I was thinking about my study techniques and how they have evolved throughout my past, well, 19 years as a student (wow I sound old). I wrote my favorites down and thought "if someone had given me the advice I now follow, a lot of time had been saved". I’ve listed 12 tips, and they will definitely be more.

Hopefully this will be one of those boring but practical posts, and I really hope these tips are useful. If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate - I really really don’t bite :-)

1st advice: 45/15: You can spend 5 hours on reading something without a break, but your concentration will not be present all these 5 hours. 45 minutes studying, and a 15 minute break works best from me. Repeat for 2-3 hours and then take a longer break, before you start again.

And in the break: step away from the computer! For me, a break on the computer is not really a break. I'm just as restless as before. Go for a quick run, put make-up on (it helps me to feel better if I don't have exams written all over my face), have a bite to eat, take a short nap (here assuming you study at home) or even play cards with your study partner.

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