Jun 4, 2011

My study routine

Here are a couple more of my exam guidelines :-)

4th advice: This can be different between people, but I find my time best spent between 8:00 and 21:00. I think I’m what they call an A-type, I’m very tired after 23:00 and usually don’t need an alarm to wake up at 7:00. But after 9:00, I usually watch my favorite show (Sex and the City), do my nails, remove my make up and give myself a facial - or spend time with my boyfriend if he’s available.

5th advice: Compete with your self only. You are unique, and don’t have exactly the same attributes as your fellow students, e.g. memory or self-control. A little competition is always healthy, but in my case, it only makes me more anxious to compare to others.

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