Jun 24, 2011

Wanted: Tupperware eco bottle

I tend to fall for the oddest of things. And when I discover those things, I find it hard to stop thinking about them (this odd list includes an ice-cream maker, I'm still trying to persuade my boyfriend that we need). But today there was an addition to the list, and it may be the oddest of them all.

The thing is that I've been searching for a reusable water bottle for some time, and it even went as far that there were requirements. It had to be
  • washing machine friendly,
  • green / ecological,
  • made of non-toxic material,
  • bag-friendly (in the sense that there is no danger it opening on its own in the bag and ruining stuff)
  • and last but not least - look ok!
As it turns out, Tupperware made exactly that product. And now I must have it. So weird. But hopefully makes me and all the other weirdos out there drink more water. Who is selling Tupperware and can get me one? Otherwise I know I can always rely on my friend, ebay :)

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