Jul 31, 2011

Picture Sunday: Just adorable!

First of all, say hi to the latest member of our family, Rúna. My mother in law just got this tiny little cutie, and this was the only picture I managed to take of her while still - she just woke up and hadn't had time to do her hair.

An adorable baby rabbit then passed us by, while sitting at a café in Nauthólsvík. So cute!

This is then hopefully my next DIY decoration project, although I don't know how it's done. Doesn't look too difficult though, and could e.g. make a perfect wedding decoration. If you have come across directions, do share :-)

Hope you all had a wonderful week!


  1. Sæta Rúna rúsínubolla, smá sjúskuð þarna, enda nývöknuð
    knús frá tengdó

  2. what a cool project - hope you figure out how to recreate it!!