Sep 15, 2011

Music: Playlist

I once read a blog, where the author posted her present playlist on Itunes (unfortunately I lost the address to this particular blog). But several songs from that list are actually on my playlist below. 

Some people spend so much time and effort searching for new music, artists and albums. I'm not one of them, but I have several friends that are (and are so lovely to share their findings). Here are my current favorites. And although these only include songs within indie or pop genres, there are others such as r&b, rap and hip hop song that sometimes make the list. 

Now, I'm searching for additions to this playlist and you are definitely listening to something that I or others may like but don't know about yet. If you have a blog, I challenge you to post your playlist. And if you don't have a blog I would love if you posted your list in the comments :-)

Sharing is caring, right?!


  1. Vá snilldarblogg!! Elska þetta :D mátt gera þetta reglulega þegar þú uppfærir uppáhalds listann þinn :D

    kv. ókunnug á íslandi

  2. Takk fyrir, en gaman að heyra :-) Já það er nú minnsta málið ef það er áhugi fyrir því.