Sep 18, 2011

Picture Sunday: Old and New

This weekend has been simply lovely. Me and my fiance celebrated our 6 year anniversary with all kinds of activities, including dining at a Moroccan restaurant, painting, going to the movies and a brunch this morning. 

Although, I don't know whether what we did counts as painting. We just thought that we needed some colors in our living room, bought some paint and voila. It's not finished though, if it turns out ok I'll show you when it is :-)

Oh, and did I tell you we have a houseguest? Say hi to Mási the goldfish, his dad is on vacation so he will be spending a little time with us. I never considered myself to be a fish person, but I still like having him around. 

After 6 years my fiancé knows me pretty well. This may apply to many other women, but I don't think you can go wrong with a gift wrapped Chanel of any form. Lovely color from the loveliest person. 


  1. yay for painting! i love the colors :) cant wait to see it installed in your living room. also im coming to denmark to visit my brother in a few months and would love any tips you can give me on shopping, good places to eat, etc! xoxo

  2. Thank you, so happy you like it :-)

    Oh I have lots of tips, I can send them to you by email if you want (perhaps maybe a month before your trip so that the most current places are included) :-) Does your brother live in Copenhagen?