Apr 5, 2011

Pursuit of the perfect lipstick

I've been longing for a new lipstick and now that I know someone who's traveling through Kastrup I have to use the opportunity. Regarding this post, I've been asking around as well as reading the ingredients lists thoroughly, to find out that most of the MAC products actually don't contain parabens. The nice woman at Magasin also informed me that the company is phasing all hazardous materials out of their products. To sum up I'm trying to choose a lipstick (or two) and I need your help! Perhaps any experienced MAC users out there that could advise?


  1. Oooh! Nice to know that one can guilt-free use Mac products : ) They're all oh so pretty, but if forced to ranked them, I'd say
    1. Lady Danger
    2. Speed Impassioned
    3. Neon Orange
    4. Morange
    5. Viva Glam Gaga
    6. Snob
    Hope this was somewhat helpful : )

  2. Smakk, þú ert best! Ég get samt ómögulega valið milli lady ganger og neon organge. Þeir eru svo líkir að það er ekki hægt að kaupa báða. Held ég fái mér samt pottþétt lady gaga, bara svona til að styrkja gott málefni þú veist ;)

  3. Lady gaga er perfect nude liturinn fyrir mig, Lady Danger bara elska þann lit, Vegas Volt og Neon Orange brilliant!! My faves at the moment