Aug 22, 2011

Fall 2011: Three things

I´ve come to the conclusion that there are (at least) three things I need before uni starts. The first one is a chunky yet sleek knit (preferably from Acne). Raya or Lana would be perfect for the occasion (both available for 1.895 dkk). But since I´m so lucky to have a knitting genious within the family, I´m hoping to design or even make one myself. I´ll keep you updated :)

The second is boots. Now, I´ve been searching for the perfect boots for almost 3 years so I don´t allow myself to even hope that I will find them before fall. I´ve got my eyes on a pair from Sand though that should hit the stores soon. (On there picture: Christian Louboutin, J. Crew and Ralph Lauren respectively).

Last but not least - a red winter coat. Don´t even know why, perhaps it´s the need to light up my world a little bit this fall :-) (on the picture: Prada, J. Crew and Versace respectively).

Red coat

I´m so sorry if I bum you out with all the fall-related posts. The reason is that the weather here in Denmark is not at its best - and thereby I reach out to the fall fashion as a compromise. So if you are so lucky to have the sun around - please enjoy it!

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  1. Langar í þessi brúnu stígvél þau eru rosalega flott, og svo er ég til í rauðu stuttu kápuna líka,
    kv. tengdó