Aug 21, 2011

Picture Sunday: Tips

SIn this weeks picture post I just wanted to share with you three tips (two of them you have already seen though, so they are more like reminders).

EOS is a big part of my life. And unwillingly I have become a sales person for them (and a non-profit at that). The girls at work are namely not very experienced ebay users so they asked me to order for them. Reminder: buy it online here for around 40 dkk.

Another delivery came in, because my mom tried the Seche Vite dry fast top coat while she was on a visit, and she just had to get one. I snuck another bottle of Essie polish with the delivery - just to save on delivery costs ;-) Reminder: buy them online here for around 50 dkk (p.s. the essie polishes cost 120 dkk at Magasin - so you're kind of getting a two-for-one deal).

My last tip is just to keep a diary. There are three things I tend to forget during the day. One, I forget to drink water. So I've started writing down just how much water I consumer over the day to make sure that it's enough. Two, I drink too much coffee. In order to prevent unnecessary stress I've limited coffee to max three cups a day (and in order to follow that rule, I write it down). And finally, I tend to forget to take my vitamins. Yup, my life now involves just a little bit of bureaucracy.


  1. i love eos! the packaging gets me every time

  2. æðislegt blogg! :) Hvaða "bragð" er best af varasalvanum?


  3. Exactly Audrey, it's simply brilliant! I almost want to use it as a decoration :)

    Takk fyrir Heiða, ég hef bara prófað myntu (græna) sjálf og hann er algjör snilld, myntan er líka svo frískandi. Samstarfskonurnar segja að þessi sítrus (guli) sé bestur :-)