Aug 26, 2011

Personal: Sunday rituals

In Denmark, everything is closed on Sundays (and I mean everything, even grocery stores). On these days then, I do the stuff I usually don´t have time to do in mid-week or otherwise forget. These things have developed to become a must-do, otherwise it's like the week doesn't start properly. These important tasks include:
  • Pencils: Each week I clean my make-up pencils. I think this is one of the more important part of keeping the skin clean. I don't mean to disgust you, but can you imagine what's in that brush after a week's use (especially the concealer brush)? (rinse with water, wash with shampoo, rinse again, then dip in rubbing alcohol (i. spritt) and rinse thoroughly with water - then let them dry over night). You may think I'm insane - but these are actually instructions from my otherwise very cool and calm mother.
  • Yoga: My 13:05 yoga class is a sacred time. The best way to prepare for the coming week.
  • Manicure: sadly, lack of time causes this to be a weekly thing. Fortunately, Essie and Chanel produce those excellent polishes that last all week! I also have some extra tricks up my sleeve to keep the polish from chipping, but more about that later.

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